BMS譜面 by sera

xifhy midnight party (≡)bad taste aquarium2~3here連打 (≡02?)20190704
heartless wind -ceres remix- [向こうから]美月 正 / arranged by ridis~9here地力20190722
watershed [foxish]ridis~🦊1N/Aベリハ, TOTAL7020190829
watershed [foxish?]ridis🦊1hereベリハ, TOTAL70, 皿20190831
cycedelica(7KEY-END)美月 正~17here地力, 連打(小)20190912
bathypelagic snow ^-1maki25~26hereガチ押し...?20191120
marquid(CENTRAL)willowisp🦊2hereベリハ・皿・ソフラン (小)20191123
SPECTRUM (neverending)O-SE🦊1hereベリハ Variety Pack20191220
おはなし [...]lonely katydid/ひなたゆかり (はむ)🦊4hereべりはとそふらんとふわふわ20191228
Despair -" D "Mix-(FINAL EDIT)Civy/Remixザ・ゲリラ🦊?hereベリハLN20200309
New period <G>maru?hereリズム暗記 ギミック差分 (version 2)20200318
groundbreaker(Zzz)6yen?hereギミック差分 HS-FIX MIN20200321
Ra-vine remix "shell with blue"ridis☆2~☆12here『1998 to 2020 (仮)』 200220200605
零ファイター [S]CELLON.◆14?hereMUTUAL FUMEN with SANY20200806
feeling(bms edit) [L]天使真央st5?hereMUTUAL FUMEN with SANY20200820
The vicious fog between cloud [↓]/[↑]Disturbs?here第二回癖譜面偽名戦+a20200826*
searoad tracks =side blue= [drrrr]sasakure.UKsl4-5herewith vi20200904
L c__ [shatter]S-Lifesl2-3here地力, 連打20200916
Bolero [Torture]Renaissance B.C.@6yen?hereベリハ TORTURE20200926
Vulgar -the last hour and forty minutes-satie?wait100min fumen cooking AM20200926
Painful Act [69Another]しらいし?hereBMS譜面作成の挑戦状20201021
CHRISTMAS EVE for FOXDESKJUGGLER🦊?hereMerry Christmas Mr. Fox20201224
the end of life [end of the mirror]ARMYTOM!3 ~冫3hereベリハ差分企画 第一回20201228
蟲師 [VLHN];3hereベリハ差分企画 第一回20201228
ROOTS SOAK LASTING xxHz [XXX]シャンパンX3hereベリハ差分企画 第一回20201228
incomplace (KF)narve◆KFhereInitial A to Z 202120201231
Lieselotte [REDUCTION]wa. / deadblue238★4hereGenocide Reinterpretation20210207
ruined relics <ruinous>えふ=3hereベリハ差分企画 第二回 差分公開20210301
Klartraum (!)Felisica冫3hereベリハ差分企画 第二回 差分公開20210301
Biotope [HELION]空読無 白眼?here20210512
chaotic city 2125(mata-ri) (A)DJ FenLile?here第三回癖譜面偽名戦20210817
martyr [fractions]2:00G3here第三回癖譜面偽名戦 / with marie20210817
Save and ContinueLiq_mmry?here第三回癖譜面偽名戦20210817
クロノバイザー [KVM]rG2here第三回癖譜面偽名戦20210817
larua [malicious]NAGI★5?hereIR BATTLE 初級者IR(장척/長尺/Long Distance)20210811
C r o n u s [\x00]amorphinism★8??hereIR BATTLE 初級者IR(카오스/カオス/Chaos)20210811
ゴフェルの木棺 -IR-Sentire◆26?hereIR BATTLE 上級者IR(커튼/カーテン/Curtain LN)20210811
ironic sea -IR-fkRadish?hereIR BATTLE 上級者IR(2키/2鍵/2Keys)20210811
Fire eyes -IR-Rai◆11??hereIR BATTLE 初級者IR(커튼/カーテン/Curtain LN)20210811
Life and kNife?heremBMplay only, hex simple 7keys recommended!20210928
Metronogik [---/---]NasvineG3here20211231
517 (bco extended remix) [カス]ASS?here20220204
HIDDEN, TRACK, CALLED 'No.II' (maniac)wosderge!?here異常譜面遊戯 第1回 / super center piercing20220307
Luminaria [Foldstair of Fighters]Lime1here異常譜面遊戯 第1回 / 120220307
The Old Man and Deep Blue Ocean [←→] / [▲▼]amoG2here異常譜面遊戯 第1回 / [←→] for LR2, [▲▼] for raja20220307
BEYOND [Yes More Foldstair]Lime1.5here異常譜面遊戯 第2回 / 1.520220516
恋月桜花 [(^щ^)┘]kozato snow☆?here異常譜面遊戯 第2回 / l(⌒▽⌒)l20220516
bioluminescence [N/H/A/I]dandeless☆5~12NOT YETdefault chart20230310
環状軟骨 (cricoid cartilage) [>>>]イベライ/Emelia☆?heredefault chart20240103


独り故郷を懐かしむ [9EX]myuPMSLv48here20230420
戦舞 [9EX]PMSLv49here20230422
Below Snow Petals [frozen wasteland]5PMSLv?hereSUPERVARIATION 第一回20231029
Avant que ma fureur t'immolesRWDPMSLv50here20240111

🦊 fk's fox table
thanks: AXION, w, fk, SANY, vi, marie

What's a table?

癖2 martyr [fractions] with marie
癖7 恋月桜花 [(^щ^)┘]
癖8 groundbreaker (Zzz)
癖9 New Period <G>
癖11 C r o n u s [
癖11 Metronogik [---/---]
癖23 HIDDEN, TRACK, CALLED 'No.II' (maniac)
癖24 Save and Continue
癖29 蟲師 [VLHN]

癖sub9 Life and kNife
癖sub20 クロノバイザー [KVM]
癖sub99 The vicious fog between cloud [↓]
癖sub?? ?????

Σ=3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ ruined relics <ruinous>
Σ=3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ SPECTRUM (neverending)
Σ=3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ watershed [foxish?]
Σ!3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ Last rain "7Key_VH"
Σ!3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ marquid (CENTRAL)
Σ:3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ Bolero [Torture]
Σ:3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ おはなし [...]
Σ:3 」 ∠ )ミ⌒ゞ Despair -" D "Mix-(FINAL EDIT) >v<

G0 larua [malicious]
G2 groundbreaker (Zzz)
G2 クロノバイザー [KVM]
G3 martyr [fractions] with marie
G3 Metronogik [---/---]
G3 New period <G>
G? ?????

sl3 Lieselotte [REDUCTION]
sl11 cycedelica (7KEY-END)

Binary Empire飛馬65 / Cyclone Areaup03549
貴方の居る場所 ψHaL feat. riri / BGA fity乱打・ディレイ・ソフラン up03577
MelancholiaYoshito Abo?
res extensa [DICK EXTENDA]adamthixFUCK